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Helping Households

Chelsea True's Girl Scout Gold Award


Imagine keeping track of the sheets of toilet paper you use to be certain you have enough to last the week!  This is an everyday occurrence for many Deerfield families.

           Approximately fifty local families use food stamps and benefit from the Deerfield Food Pantry services.  These families need our help.  Food stamps can be used only to buy food and no other products at the grocery stores.  The Deerfield Food Pantry provides personal care items only sporadically - depending on when they receive such inventory. 

           As you may know, for over a year now I have been working to expand the Deerfield food pantry as the project for my Girl Scout Gold Award.  (If you are not familiar with the award, it is the equivalent of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.) 

Being an eighteen year old girl, I am very conscious how important many of these items are to my lifestyle and that of most teens.  If I were not able to shampoo my hair daily, it would be a total disaster for me.  However, it is not only teens who need these supplies; no matter the age or gender, most of us depend on and take for granted such products as toilet paper, dish soap and toothpaste.

I am asking our community to help fill the gap for these people by helping to stock the pantry with necessary items. To help motivate the community and help the food pantry I have come up with a theme for each month your help would greatly be appreciated  if you could partake in this ongoing collection and drop an item off each month either at the Deerfield Town Offices or the Philbrick James Library

Below is the list with each month’s theme:

January- tissues

February- dish soap

March- laundry detergent

April-individually wrapped toilet paper

May- deodorants

June- hair products

July- paper towels

August- soaps

September- toothbrushes/floss

October- band-aids

December- toothpaste

(Hang this list on the fridge to remind you and your family one simple item a month can truly make a difference)

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first collection success